The Return of White Cheech

Hello and welcome to, your site for everything related to medical marijuana. It is not by accident that I am waiting until April 20 to relaunch. I have a long and sordid history on the Internet and decided to make amends by attempting to provide some education of medical marijuana, particularly in the State of California, since that is where I live. Over the past several months we have been experimenting with tinctures, lotions and edibles and have had some truly amazing results. Fortunately, I like to take a lot of photos so I have visual proof for some of these things.

Pineapple Thai

High CBD Pineapple Thai

I want to begin things by stating that if you think this is a site for stoners, you have the wrong place. This site will be judging and reviewing the various collectives and dispensaries that we find around the state. I will state off the bat that I prefer those that test their medical marijuana. I also seek marijuana that is high in CBD’s as opposed to high THC levels. Unfortunately, these days it seems that 0.62 is what most places in Southern California consider high. As far as I am concerned, 6.0 is a much better CBD level. I know it exists, and I will be documenting our travels in search of it.

If you own a dispensary, collective or grow operation and would like to be reviewed,
please contact me and I will set up a visit.


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